MobiCare is an online caregiving service that can
provide support to families living with Alzheimer's
by keeping the family circle connected and informed
about their loved one's condition.

MobiCare is an easy-to-use service that can be
accessed from a computer or mobile device.
MobiCare can ease the management of Alzheimer's
for caregivers of loved ones who are living with
Alzheimer's by tracking medications,
monitoring symptoms, coordinating tasks and
connecting you to your family circle of caregivers.

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MobiCare focuses on four important areas of Alzheimer's caregiving.

Medicine Manager

This will help you and your family keep track of the medicines prescribed, the dosages and update any changes in prescriptions.

Symptom Manager

Keep all of your to-dos, appointments and meetings in one place. Everyone can view this calendar to keep up to date.

Task Calendar

This will help you and your family keep track of the symptoms and any changes in behavior. You can send this directly to the doctor.

Family Network

Chat back and forth with your family about your loved one in one chat window that everyone can view and monitor.